We aim to be a low-key, sustainable campsite. The campsite is proactively managed for biodiversity and wildlife so that campers can immerse themselves in nature. We also actively promote a vehicle free area of the campsite, offering quiet camping for those who prefer it and giving the best views over to Devon across Plymouth Sound.

We encourage all our visitors to save water by reducing water consumption on site – especially when taking a shower. A three-minute shower can save many litres of water and also the embedded carbon in the collection, treatment, distribution and heating of this water. We manage our own sewage treatment plant on site, ensuring our waste does not flow into the ocean.

We encourage the use of biodegradable shampoos and other products in the campsite facilities. Campers are also encouraged to carefully sort waste by using the recycling bins on site and reduce the use of single use plastics.

At Maker Camp we start with the principle of Reduce, then Reuse and and then Recycle wherever feasible. Our common room is kitted out with pre-loved furniture, books and games and looks spectacular!