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  • Visit us at Maker Heights on the Rame Peninsula, Cornwall, PL10 1LA
  • About Us

  • When your children have grown up, all their most cherished memories of roaming free, having fun, making new friends and creating their own worlds will revolve around this site. But only if you take them there, of course.

    If campsites were graded by how chilled their vibe was, Maker Camping would fall into the category marked Permafrost. To say it’s laidback here would be like describing Michelangelo as a half decent painter-decorator, ‘if you’re into cherubs and that’.

    An army barracks in a former life, there’s now a certain hippyness to the way the Nissen huts at Maker’s entrance have been reinvented as workshops and a café by various arty types and the ‘rules are the province of squares and bureaucrats’ ethos continues on the camping area itself.