• Call us at 01752 822618
  • Visit us at Maker Heights on the Rame Peninsula, Cornwall, PL10 1LA
  • Maker Camp is run by Maker Heights Ltd. We are 100% owned by the Rame Conservation Trust (RCT) which is a local charity with a remit to preserve for the benefit of the people of the Rame Peninsula and of the nation at large, the historical, architectural and constructional heritage that exists in and around Maker Heights and the Rame Peninsula.
    Those that have visited the campsite in previous years already know the historical significance of this widespread and natural site. RCT cares for the heritage assets at Maker Heights, including 12 hectares of rare unimproved grassland, four Scheduled Ancient Monuments and the impressive Grade II* Listed Barrack Block. 
    These assets are all vital components of the Historic Landscape and are set in the Cornwall Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (Rame Head AONB). The heritage assets at Maker Heights are unique, original and, at the present time, largely unaltered. Consequently, Maker Heights is of international and national importance, and of outstanding significance.
    The income generated from the campsite is re-invested through the Trust back into Maker Heights.
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    We would be delighted for you to book in at the campsite, and even more delighted if you became a member of Rame Conservation Trust (RCT). Your support is very much appreciated and we will use your membership donation to fund this charity's work at Maker Heights and to help to keep the campsite and the site itself open for everyone to enjoy
    We are actively working with Historic England and Natural England to preserve and bring to life this historic site.