Pitch Description

For as much of the year as is possible, we cut little crop circles in the beautiful unimproved grassland for your pitches. This is good for the land, good for nature and surrounds your stay in soft, waving meadows giving a little extra privacy as an added bonus. Preserving these little pieces of habitat is important to us, but it can become difficult if we don’t let you know how big a pitch is.

The easiest way to describe our pitches is with a picture.

Basically, a caravan, the car that towed it and a small one man tent, should be OK

Or a couple of modest bell tents and a car (tents come in all shapes and sizes so be mindful)

Or a campervan and a 3-4 man dome tent

Theses are just serving suggestions and we recognize that your needs may well vary, but hopefully this will give you a better understand of what to expect when you arrive/book.