Maker Memories

Making Memories

Maker Camp on the Rame Peninsula in South East Cornwall has had many uses over the past 200 years.

Originally established as a military base. More recent history includes the stories of hundreds of musicians who have played at the venue, thousands of festival goers, and large numbers of artists who have had studios at the camp.

The camp has also hosted thousands of holidaymakers through its use as a campsite. Maker Camp holds many special memories for its visitors, not least for the scores of people who have used the camp as the venue for their wedding.

It’s been the place where thousands of local children have enjoyed a holiday ….. Continuing to make memories.

Award winning Maker Memories is a volunteer led community project designed to capture the rich and diverse heritage of Maker Camp on the Rame Peninsula.

The project is being led by volunteers from Maker and Rame Community Interest Company in partnership with and supported by the Plymouth History Centre.

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